Info For Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers in each of the categories listed below. If you are able to assist, please sign up here. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your assigned shift in order to allow time for duties to be handed off. When you arrive, please find the volunteer check in to let the organizers know you have arrived, pick up a badge, and get briefed. Volunteer check in will be where the red circle labeled Wedding Week is on this map.

Performing Marriages

We ask that those who volunteer to perform marriages be ordained. If you are not ordained and would like to perform marriages, you can get ordained quickly and for free through this site:

There is additional information regarding training for Officiants on our FAQ page.


We are looking for volunteers to check in couples who have pre-registered, connect couples with our ordained volunteers and photographers, keep the sidewalk clear, and hand out cupcakes/flowers, etc. Those who have the first and last Registration slots are asked to coordinate set-up/clean-up of the site. More specific instructions on Set up and Clean up will be given as we get closer to the event but anticipate duties like hanging/taking down signs, arranging sign in sheets, picking up trash, etc.

General Support/Cheer

You are welcome to stop by at anytime simply to be part of the celebration! The more the merrier.


We are looking for photographers who are willing to donate their services to document this special day for the couples getting married.


We are looking for musicians with portable instruments to play music during ceremonies. Alternatively, if you have a small portable speaker and a killer wedding playlist, we would also be delighted for you to share those with us. Please note that so as not to be a nuisance to other people in the area, we are unable to play music loudly. Due to space restrictions, we cannot offer a place for a band or dj to set up.

Baked Goods

Cupcakes, cookies, or any similar small celebratory items are gratefully accepted. We plan to give these out to the couples getting married and their friends/family. Think of it as a mini wedding reception! In order to cut down on trash, all items must be easily handed out and consumed without plates or silverware.


Bouquets and boutonniere are gladly accepted and shall be passed out the couples. When possible, these items may be reused (for instance, if they are silk flowers).

Other Services

If you are interested in donating another service or item not listed here, please leave a comment on our Suggestions Page.

If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ page.

Thank you for your interest in helping make these weddings special!


  1. I have a PA, classical guitar and can sing. What do you need and when do you need it?

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