If my partner and I got married in another state, do we need to/can we get "remarried" in Alabama?

As we understand it, you do not need to get remarried in order for your marriage to be recognized by the State of Alabama. However, if you would like to do a vow renewal, we would be happy to have you join us! Simply follow the same instructions as the couples who wish to be get married.

My partner and I would like to get married but cannot make those days/times, can you put us in touch with someone to perform the ceremony?

There is a list of officiants who are willing to perform same-sex marriages here.

Will these be group or individual ceremonies?

These will be individual ceremonies. You will have a chance to speak to your celebrant before you begin about what type of ceremony you would like (secular or religious) and any other preferences.

How long will the ceremony take?

We anticipate the ceremony itself taking between 10-20 minutes. However, you will need to allow more time than that, as you will  need to check in, speak with you celebrant, hold the ceremony, sign the licenses, take photos, enjoy cupcakes, etc.

Can we have other people in the wedding with us?

Yes, you are welcome to have friends or family participate in your wedding (for example: bridal party/groomsmen).


How can I help?

Please see our "Info for Volunteers" page for more details.

I would like to offer X service, may I?

Please check the "Info for Volunteers" page to see if this service is already listed. If so, please sign up for the time you would like to cover! If the service is not listed, please suggest it on our Suggestion page. While we greatly appreciate ALL offers, we have to ensure that they work with the logistics of our space and within the bounds of our permit.

How do I get ordained?

AMM offers quick and free ordination, however, if you have another organization you prefer to use, that is absolutely fine.

Help! I've never performed a ceremony before/I'm rusty, will there be training?

Yes! We have an experienced officiant who will be holding a training session on Friday, February 6th from noon to 4pm. Drop in for an hour or stay the whole time. Soup and light snacks available. Experienced officiants welcome also. This is a great chance to meet others! To get more information, please contact Louise A. Hardin at louise.hardinATgmail.com or (256) 683-8026.

You may also find these documents useful:
Ceremony Information
Brief Traditional Ceremony
Wedding Data

I would like to perform marriages but I am not available those days/times, is there a list I can add my name to?

Yes, the list can be seen here. To be added please contact Louise A. Hardin at louise.hardinATgmail.com or (256) 683-8026.

Is there a dress code?

We ask that the officiants dress in a manner which is respectful to the office/duties. Couples are free to dress however they like.


What precautions are being taken in regards to safety?

Because the event is being held just outside the courthouse, in a public place which is well populated by law enforcement, we feel that this a location with a lot of inherent safety. That said, our permit application is through the Huntsville Police Department and we are discussing with them the needs of this event. If you have a more specific question or concern, please reach out to us.

How will we recognize the volunteers/officiants?

Volunteers will be wearing nametags, possibly decorated with rainbow ribbon. Officiants will be wearing rainbow sashes.

Is there a hashtag for the event?

Yes, please use #almarriage.


  1. Im worried that I gave my volunteer photographer the wrong email. Its been a month and I still haven't received them, and I don't know who to contact.

    1. Hi Haley, Do you remember your photographer's name? Any info you can give me about them will be helpful, and I'll see if we can get you in touch! : )

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